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Nothing in Between

This is from an upcoming work of fiction titled, “The Disappeared.” The lead character is a songwriter, and this is meant to be one of his works.


Here I sit, all by myself,
Far from were I belong.
Infinite night before my eyes,
stretching to the beyond.
The more I look,
the more that I see,
there is nothing in between.

Nothing, no nothing
Nothing in between you and me
You and me (x2)

So, It may seem like I am gone,
beyond all hope of return.
But I can feel your heart break,
as if it were my own.
For the song of life, that sings for me,
also sings for you.

All of space,
all of time, you and I,
entangled by love,
shall always be as one.

There’s nothing, no nothing
Nothing in between
Nothing in between, you and me
You and me

So baby don’t be cryin’.
Don’t fret while I am gone.
Cuz the light that brings the dawn,
is the light that brings me home.
So, if you’re worried where I be,
just holler at the sun,
and I’ll come running, running,
running to where your are.

For there is nothing, no nothing
Nothing in between
Nothing in between you and me
You and me

I’m coming home to you, my love.
That you can believe
Cuz nothing, no nothing
can stand in between
You and me (x2)

Nothing, No Nothing can stand
in between, you and me
you and me.

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This is an excerpt from a new work of fiction, “The Disappeared” due out early 2023. Some of the chapters are preceded by lyrics or poems intended to be authored by the characters. “Alien” is the creative work of the male protagonist.


Alien, alien, alien, alien, alien, alien, alien,
Everywhere aliens
I’m an alien
You’re an alien
Living among aliens
In an alien land
If where you live
Is not not your own
What is a home
alien, alien, alien, alien, alien, alien, alien,
Alien at home
Native abroad, acting at home
while roaming in someone else’s dome
alien, alien, alien, alien, alien, alien, alien,

Welcome to Alien Land!
Thank you for visiting
Ya sneaky bastards.
Aliens in alien lands
With their weird alien hands
They try to get in
Steal you skin
Then the fun really begins
As the slip their little alien things in everyone they see
alien, alien, alien, alien, alien, alien, alien

Legal by claim
But whose to say
Everyone’s an alien these days
So point at the mirror
And ask the person you see,
“Who the fuck could you be?”

You an alien, mother fucker!
You’re an alien alien alien alien!
alien, alien, alien, alien, alien, alien, alien,

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This Spot Here

This is an excerpt from a new work of fiction, “The Disappeared” due out early 2023. Some of the chapters are preceded by lyrics or poems intended to be authored by the characters. “This Spot Here” is the creative work of the female protagonist.


This spot here
The one I know to be mine
This spot here
I’ll hold onto
’til my last breath is gone

Do what you will
Do what you must
I’ll never surrender
‘til my flesh is dust

This spot here
The one I know to be mine
This spot here
I’ll hold onto
’til my last breath is gone

Not Fire, Not Famine, Not motherfucking Death
Nothing will drive me
From out this mess
I’ve carved it out
This spot is mine
I ain’t budging
So long as I’m alive

This spot here
The one I know to be mine
This spot here
I’ll hold onto
’til the end of time

Fuck yourself
Fuck your ma
Fuck your promises
Fuck you dollars
I made this mine
and so it stays

Until the end of motherfucking days

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Borders are not real things
Nations aint naught but imaginings
The guy on the other side of the globe
Is as much my neighbor
As the stranger in 4B

There’s no such thing
As a foreigner
Or an immigrant
For the common descendants
of the grasslands.

There is only one species of humanity.

The only reason to convince us
That they are them and not we
Is to make us fear them
So that they who divide we
Into many they’s
may themselves become, The Man.

Fuck. The. Man.

Every soul beneath the sun
Could rest their head in a home
bellies full
if we wished it so.
Scarcity is a fraud
Perpetrated on us all
To make our survival

Our survival

Generate profits
On profits
On profits
For the petty lords
Who see us, as them
And so, we don’t matter no more

Fuck. The. Petty Lords.

One people
One nation
One world
Unified in common cause and purpose
3 hots and a house for all who want
And more for those who can
As long as you don’t need to step
On your brother man
To rise
But rather pull each other up
that mountain together
One people
One nation
One world

But we allow ourselves to be striven
And so we have strife
Bloody frictions
Between factions
But it is all a fiction
nation building by illustration.
You can not claim 4.5 billion year old dirt
With your 40 year old name
Are you insane?
The forests and the oceans belong to no one
Which does not make them yours to plunder
But ours to share
With every fish and bird and rat
That every wandered this earth

You. Are. Not. Special.

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Stump Speech Template

I promise if elected
I will not do
The things I told you
I would do
The one thing you can rely upon
I will not keep my word
But my lies
are so much sweeter
than the other guy’s
Whose every word is
a scurrilous lie
which is the worst kind
My lies
are White Lies
on the side of the divine
hollow of conviction
a pretty facade
like all my kind
A den of thieves
has more honor
than the halls of government
But don’t hate the player,
Hate the sucker who keeps voting for them.

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Mass Mugging

Your money or your life
Your meds or your rent
Will you get your procedure
Or will buy your child sneakers
What trade will you make
To survive
In the greatest nation on earth.

Sure we could afford to care for every single soul
But why
When we can bleed ‘em dry
It’s your money or your life.

Up on the mic
They stand
Proudly declaring
“Rather poor bitches die
then have to wait one extra minute
to get what’s mine!”
Look at that dandy
all pressed and fancy
Talking bottom lines
And wait lines
While thrift store mother fuckers are laying in lines
stinking and decaying away
Their mothers and fathers
on bent knee, weeping
Souls broken
Because their lives
were not worth
A rich man’s dime
Or their so-called leaders’ time.

Your money or your life
Is the name of the game
Tried to change it
Laid out the advantages
Flanking the enemy 
with facts, stats, and comparative analysis
That shit rolled off their brain
Like nylon in the rain
just looked their own right in the eye, laughed, 
and said “Fuck your choices, son.
Your money or your life.”

Its a mugging
A mass mugging
370 million
Lined up and taken
Not once, not twice, but three times over
On the same maneuver
Then circle back
hand out
and claim there’s a remainder
These ballsy, dandy, bougie, motherfuckers.

And people keep agreeing
To the argument
That organized theft
is the most logical solution
Rather pay more for themselves
Than pay anything for another
What’s in it for me
Should be the national motto.

And because neighbors,
fellow citizens
don’t give a shit
as long as they got their shit
the mugging continues
Its your money or your life
in America
The greatest nation on earth.

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Pictures Out of Clouds

All alone in a dream
A field of grass
A broken down shack
I lie on my back
Making pictures out of clouds
On the canvas of the sky
With the brush of my mind
And always I see
Images of you
With my soul
In your hands
I refuse to stand
For that might break
The illusion
That I’m happy where I am
The wind plays
Soft silly symphonies
In the auditorium of
My cranium
Yet I hear only
The sad lackadaisical refrain
Of your voice
Caressing my brain
The thought
That one must know joy
to comprehend pain
Does not escape me
I remain
Planted on the ground
arms too short
To reach my heart
A blind man
Attempting art
Take a moment

Just breath

Sometimes it’s the simple things.
Pictures out of clouds.

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Ad Man

I am the ad man
The political campaigner
The sales manager
The fine print writer

I used to hang around
The crossroads
At the outskirts of town
Waiting for the desperate
And despondent
To come to me

But thank god
For modern technology
Now I’m in the homes
The eyes
The ears
Of every man, woman and child

Are you tired?
Weary to the bone?
Is life hard
For you and your loved ones?
Of course it is
Nature of the beast
But don’t worry ‘bout a thing
Cuz I got what you need

Order now
While supplies last
Be the first in you neighborhood
To find real happiness
With the device
“They” don’t want you to have
But for a limited time
We can make it available to you
It will:
Clean your house
Wash your hair
Smooth the wrinkles
In your clothes and your face
Cure Cancer
Stimulate orgasms
Beat your children for you.

The Super Amazing Wondertron 1000 is all you need
And only I can provide it
Through a special offer
Developed by my unique connections
With Nigerian Princes
So contact me now
All you need to provide
Is you bank account numbers
A sample of your DNA
And the tiniest sliver of your soul
You’ll never even miss it
At least not in this lifetime
So c’mon
Sign on the dotted line
And all your troubles
Will be gone!

All your hopes and dreams?
Well, they’ll be mine too.
Balance after all
Must be maintained
No troubles, no hopes
No pain, no pleasure
I’ll take it away
But I will take it ALL away.
Did I forget to mention that?
I did say
I am the Fine Print Writer
If you thought I was a giver
Only got yourself to blame.

Thank you for your patronage
Have a nice day

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Nothing is there
It’s not open to interpretation
That vacuum in your heart
It is real
That last, best hope is

You are all alone.

Lost in the orchard
of despair
The swirling madness has
to focus entirely on

As everything slips away
Into the deep dark of never was
Anchor chain
Wrapped round your soul
Drags you

Pressure building
upon heart and shoulders
the mind spins
Round it’s cage
And the weight
Grows greater

You slowly implode
a singularity of self
just a hole
at the bottom
of a well
Draining into a hell
long since abandoned
Except for you
And the echoes of silence
The space inside you generates
Whenever you dare to imagine
There might be

Reminding you
Nothing makes nothing.

And the weight grows
and greater
and greater