Reviews of The Disappeared by JD Adler

I am not normally a fan of books involving aliens and conspiracy theories and so on… after just a couple of chapters, I was completely hooked, and I can honestly say… I LOVE THIS BOOK! I recommend it to everyone out there if they want an interesting, suspenseful, and compelling story, even one that is full of aliens and conspiracies.

Excerpt from review by Reader Views on Goodreads

What makes this book stand apart is the proficient way in which the author integrates a heart-wrenching emotional story with a grand-scale plot. The reader is taken on a roller-coaster ride, continuously doubting loyalties, deciphering hints, and uncovering enigmas. The plot is intricately layered, unveiling startling revelations at every turn, and keeping us guessing and assuming until the very last.
Excerpt from review by Core of a Critic on Instagram

I didn’t expect The Disappeared by JD Adler to develop the way it did… I felt part of an epic adventure that could easily fill a season of a cool science fiction adventure TV series… One thing’s sure—you won’t get bored with this novel. It’s pretty awesome!

Excerpt of review by Kim Anisi for Readers’ Favorite


All alone in a dream
A field of grass
A broken down shack
I lie on my back
Making pictures out of clouds
On the canvas of the sky
With the brush of my mind
And always I see
Images of you
With my soul
In your hands
I refuse to stand
For that might break
The illusion
That I’m happy where I am
The wind plays
Soft silly symphonies
In the auditorium of
My cranium
Yet I hear only
The sad lackadaisical refrain
Of your voice
Caressing my brain
The thought
That one must know joy
to comprehend pain
Does not escape me
I remain
Planted on the ground
arms too short
To reach my heart
A blind man
Attempting art
Take a moment

Just breath

Sometimes it’s the simple things.
Pictures out of clouds.