Written By: JD Adler - Oct• 06•19

I have nearly died
More times
than I remember
Smashed my skull upon the earth
Till my brain no longer worked
Cracked my bones
Cut my face
Bled from the inside
Till it spilled out all over the place

And every time
I got back to my feet
Knew full well
Another beating waited for me
Cuz there’s nothing the universe hates more
Than someone whose happy

Healthy long enough
to get real sick
Made enough money
To miss having it
Rose to the top
And ejected
Every path up
Leads to a precipice
Life is just an intermission
Joy just a break from the pain

But no weight will hold me down
Till my batteries are drained
And I never stand again
until that day arrives
I’ll charge headlong
Into the fires of my enemies
Take the buckle over the belt
And laugh in their face
Cuz fuck em, that’s why
Ain’t none walking
That can make me falter

I’ve fallen off of mountains
Been buried in the snow
Suffocated, drowned, and tumbled down stairs
I’ve lain alone in the darkness
Pain tearing through my core
Bottle of whiskey
My only support

I’ve slept in the streets
And on the forest floor
I’ve stood above the clouds
And delved caves beneath the sea
I’ve danced with rock stars
And partied with bums
I’ve debated leaders of nations
And in my hands
I have held the brains
of those who could not take another day

Life is not what you make of it
Suffering doesn’t make you stronger
Life is a sadist
Giving you just enough pleasure
To make the pain that much tougher
Hold on as long as you are able
Every story ends the same
Return from whence you came
And the dust takes all memory


Written By: JD Adler - Jun• 19•19

Nothing is there
It’s not open to interpretation
The vacuum in your heart
It is real
That last, best hope is

You are all alone.

Lost in the orchard
of despair
The swirling madness has
Stopped swirling
to focus entirely
on you…

As everything slips away
Into the deep dark of never was
Anchor chain
Wrapped round your soul
Drags you
Deeper Deeper Deeper
Pressure building
On your heart and shoulders
Your mind spins
Round it’s cage
And the weight
Grows greater

You slowly implode
a singularity of self
from which no light can escape
Just a hole
at the bottom
of a well
Draining into a hell
long since abandoned
Except for you
And the echoes of silence
The space inside you generates
Whenever you dare to imagine
There might be 
Reminding you that
Nothing makes nothing.

And the weight grows
and greater
and greater

Love Poem

Written By: JD Adler - Nov• 09•17

how long has it been
I can not call again
I just want to hear
The lyrical hum
of her voice
on my eardrum

when did I go insane
I was just doin my own thing
then into my world she drops
changing everything

smell her on my pillow
taste her on my lips
I don’t want to go to bed
when she’s not there
cuz it seems empty and large
for the first time ever

I don’t know what’s happening to me
I got a rep
as a grizzly callous motherfucker
now I’m all silly and sweet
gushing like a fountain of YooHoo

Just appeared in my life one day
Drew me in
Nothing will ever be the same
And Every time I think
I couldn’t be happier
She smiles at me again

chic must be a witch
or a Sith Lord
Sith Lady?
put a spell on me
stole my mind
with her magic kiss
now all I can think about
is her face
and how happy I am

its disgusting
like a teenager again
all hormones and smiles
and all the songs make sense

I had plans
“Loner Curmudgeon”
cards were made

but there she stands
the light always right
smiling at me
and I already feel
myself made more





Keepin’ On

Written By: JD Adler - Nov• 09•17

I keep on
Keeping on
But I always end up
Where I began
So what good does it do me
To stick to a plan
That never helps me
The things I’m hating on

Go ahead
Lecture me on practical
Lecture me on realistic
Tell me more bout aiming low
as a sensible solution
To problems towering
Why not tell me last time
Practical promises were delivered upon
While we’re keeping it realistic

Absent vision
Future’s just a calendar
If all you got for me
Is dollars, bullets and locks
You misjudged your audience
I don’t need a bribe
And I ain’t terrified
What I want is something
to believe in
to build

Why could my father walk on the moon
but we can’t get lead out of the water
Why do doctor’s have no borders
‘Cept those of my Health Care Plan
If have to pay farmers not to grow
to keep food cheap
how are people hungry
why are there empty buildings
while people lay in the streets
Everyone may not deserve the same
But why should some go without
while others got gold plated toilet seats

our leaders scream
bout enemies abroad
but no enemy
compares to the
damage we do
to our own side
As our own leaders
work to undermine
can I get a hope up in here
can I a vision of what is to be
instead of constantly hearing
gossip bout your adversary
How bout just an equal share of the shit we build
Is that not practical
Am i a dreamer
for thinking
that progress meant
all of us
working for
all of us

I dont want a revolution
I just want a solution
To the age old problems
Of hate, greed and corruption
With the elementary plan
Of sharing what ya brung
And everybody brings something
it works for playgrounds and potlucks
but not our politics
spaghetti western villains
In a Mexican standoff
Fighting to be
all alone

This ain’t nothin new
Not the problem
Not the complaint
Not the solution
Nor those with power
Refusing to do
Because they prosper
Off inequity
So we just keep on
Keeping on
Till we can’t take no more
Burn it all down
And the cycle starts anew

Pigs in mens’s clothing


The Others

Written By: JD Adler - Nov• 09•17

sitting before you
naked and crying
a baby alone in a crowd
its fat little fingers
on short chubby arms
begging strangers for love
it weeps and shouts
it cries and it screams,
but its pleas go unnoticed
as the herd rushes round the yard

you run for the infant
heart pounding faster and faster
you come closer and closer
desperate to save the helpless waif
as your hand reaches for hers
the child grows silent
her vibrant young eyes
puffy with pain
look into yours
and all the secret sorrows
long locked way
in the darkest of places
are reflected in the teary pools
of this naked little babe
abandoned and neglected
amidst the callous and bustling world

your heart nearly breaks
like it hasn’t since youth
when the memory of first loss returns
flooding your soul
purest of pains
the anguish of
losing your faith

retracting your hand
you withdraw from the child
better off where it be
only a fool believes
there is safety
to be found
in others

Why is Your Dick Out

Written By: JD Adler - Nov• 09•17

why is your dick out
why is your hand on her
why is your tongue there
why would you say that
why is your dick out


I do not understand

I am not surprised that this exists
but I am surprised by the prevalence
and technique
or lack thereof

who asks their employees for a massage
who masturbates into a plant
what is wrong with your amygdala
have you no impulse control
or is our culture simply bereft of
shame or honor

why is your dick out?

the people you work with
are there to get paid
not laid
why is your dick out

the woman who loves you
does not want to watch you jerk off
no one else does either
unless you are a porn star
that is unprofessional





I’m Just Sayin’

Written By: JD Adler - Mar• 07•17

Let the revolution begin

The stupid people
Have elected their stupid hero
To do all the stupid things
That will satisfy their stupid egos

Last two times the idiots rose up
They burned the libraries
Of Alexandretta and Europe
Just to prove that stupid was victorious
Now the information age is gonna crash
Due to the ignoramus virus
Let the revolution begin
Before its too late


Daughter of the Sun – free sample

Written By: JD Adler - Feb• 23•17

Daughter of the Sun

a modern epic poem

by JD Adler

ISBN: 9781520646589

(full text available on Amazon in print or Kindle)

“How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 8:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so? ”
– Charles Bukowski

Chapter 1: Prey

through the trees
sweaty legs
in big brown hiking boots
frightened, focused, excited
eyes simultaneously seeking
paths before
predator behind
closer all the time



Written By: JD Adler - Jan• 14•17

Call me Ishmael
call me Mohammed
Call me the son
of the wind
And the sand
I am the boogeyman
Used to scare your children
Since the dark ages
I’ve been the dark one
Looming around the corner
And now I am your neighbor

Call me rebel
Call me cowboy
Call me salt of the earth
my forefathers bled for
I roam the fringes
Shadow of a predator
What y’all call civilization
I call Domestication
Try and break me
Come on now


Metaphysics of Hate

Written By: JD Adler - Jan• 14•17

In between here and there
Between the before and after
In the land
Of never
Reside the souls of those
waiting to be born

They have no idea what is coming
These people in waiting
No CNN metaphysical to forewarn
Else none may ever come
And zombies would walk the land
Like lawyers and real estate agents
And those who call in to talk radio

They float massless
With the neutrons and fermions
Just waiting for a body to inhabit
No clue how fragile it will be
Or how dark and dirty is our society
Else they may remain
Forever in formless freedom from sorrow

Or maybe they do know


The Shadow Men

Written By: JD Adler - Nov• 07•16

there is the thing we think we see
but never really believe
I can not tell you it isnt so
because I know

every time you turn a corner
and think you see
a shadow that is not your own
that’s not a trick of the eye
that’s the darkest demon you’ve ever dreamed
come out to play
to take you away
to the end of all things

the barely seen one
the whispy one
the hidden one
the one you’ve always been afraid of
when all alone
in the dark of night
for good reason
hiding from you
in your very own shadow



Written By: JD Adler - Nov• 07•16

a single round bead of sweat
rolls across the flesh
in the sweltering summer heat
magnifying pours, birthmarks, follicles and wrinkles,
as it passes
this aint no glistening
this is some serious, stinky, sweat
generated by a body
not just from the blistering
mythic evil
of the mid-day summer heat
this nasty bead of human fluid
was earned the old fashion way
through mind altering
flesh abrading
hair pulling
afternoon fucking

it was the best kind of mid day penetration
the unexpected pounding
he was just on his way to the corner store for smokes
she merely seeking a hangover remedy at the pub
their eyes locked
she had cigarettes in her purse
he had vodka and V8 at home
they were both old and alone
and horny
on a summer afternoon

magic moments are made of these


Deplorable State

Written By: JD Adler - Nov• 07•16

I am a straight white man
in ‘Murica
oppressed and disenfranchised
robbed of my birthright
my manifest destiny
has been stolen by
lesbians and Mexicans
and academics
with their scams
’bout the environment

My people used to rule
not like
“metallica rules dude”
we actually ruled
voting rights
property rights
the best jobs
all ours
and ours alone


Heroes of Peace

Written By: JD Adler - Apr• 30•15

Kill conquer burn despoil

destruction is easy

just pick up a stick

and wreck things a bit

the flesh is weak

it’ll bleed real easy

you want to be hero

pick a god

sow a flag

murder some foreigners (more…)

Lunch Break

Written By: JD Adler - Apr• 30•15

mid after noon

shower pounds

on the nape of the neck

soapy calloused hands

across smooth flesh

gentle fingers caress the long hard

a groan escapes