Reviews of The Disappeared by JD Adler


I am not normally a fan of books involving aliens and conspiracy theories and so on… after just a couple of chapters, I was completely hooked, and I can honestly say… I LOVE THIS BOOK! I recommend it to everyone out there if they want an interesting, suspenseful, and compelling story, even one that is full of aliens and conspiracies.

Excerpt from review by Reader Views on Goodreads

What makes this book stand apart is the proficient way in which the author integrates a heart-wrenching emotional story with a grand-scale plot. The reader is taken on a roller-coaster ride, continuously doubting loyalties, deciphering hints, and uncovering enigmas. The plot is intricately layered, unveiling startling revelations at every turn, and keeping us guessing and assuming until the very last.

– Excerpt from review by Core of a Critic on Instagram

I didn’t expect The Disappeared by JD Adler to develop the way it did… I felt part of an epic adventure that could easily fill a season of a cool science fiction adventure TV series… One thing’s sure—you won’t get bored with this novel. It’s pretty awesome!

Excerpt of review by Kim Anisi for Readers’ Favorite

Excerpt from review on Amazon, Canada


This is from an upcoming work of fiction titled, “The Disappeared.” The lead character is a songwriter, and this is meant to be one of his works.


Here I sit, all by myself,
Far from were I belong.
Infinite night before my eyes,
stretching to the beyond.
The more I look,
the more that I see,
there is nothing in between.

Nothing, no nothing
Nothing in between you and me
You and me (x2)

So, It may seem like I am gone,
beyond all hope of return.
But I can feel your heart break,
as if it were my own.
For the song of life, that sings for me,
also sings for you.

All of space,
all of time, you and I,
entangled by love,
shall always be as one.

There’s nothing, no nothing
Nothing in between
Nothing in between, you and me
You and me

So baby don’t be cryin’.
Don’t fret while I am gone.
Cuz the light that brings the dawn,
is the light that brings me home.
So, if you’re worried where I be,
just holler at the sun,
and I’ll come running, running,
running to where your are.

For there is nothing, no nothing
Nothing in between
Nothing in between you and me
You and me

I’m coming home to you, my love.
That you can believe
Cuz nothing, no nothing
can stand in between
You and me (x2)

Nothing, No Nothing can stand
in between, you and me
you and me.