Borders are not real things
Nations aint naught but imaginings
The guy on the other side of the globe
Is as much my neighbor
As the stranger in 4B

There’s no such thing
As a foreigner
Or an immigrant
For the common descendants
of the grasslands.

There is only one species of humanity.

The only reason to convince us
That they are them and not we
Is to make us fear them
So that they who divide we
Into many they’s
may themselves become, The Man.

Fuck. The. Man.

Every soul beneath the sun
Could rest their head in a home
bellies full
if we wished it so.
Scarcity is a fraud
Perpetrated on us all
To make our survival

Our survival

Generate profits
On profits
On profits
For the petty lords
Who see us, as them
And so, we don’t matter no more

Fuck. The. Petty Lords.

One people
One nation
One world
Unified in common cause and purpose
3 hots and a house for all who want
And more for those who can
As long as you don’t need to step
On your brother man
To rise
But rather pull each other up
that mountain together
One people
One nation
One world

But we allow ourselves to be striven
And so we have strife
Bloody frictions
Between factions
But it is all a fiction
nation building by illustration.
You can not claim 4.5 billion year old dirt
With your 40 year old name
Are you insane?
The forests and the oceans belong to no one
Which does not make them yours to plunder
But ours to share
With every fish and bird and rat
That every wandered this earth

You. Are. Not. Special.