The Lonely Death

This is from an upcoming work of fiction titled, “The Disappeared.” The lead character is a songwriter, and this is meant to be one of her works.

Bodies drop
Bodies drop
Bodies dropped without consequence.

Who keeps the names of the dead?

When they are all collected;
The forgotten ones
The disposable ones
The unwanted ones

The second class citizens
After they been
Taken, forgotten, and disposed of

Who records what their mama’s said, at the end?

When the no-consequence crew come
And do
What they gonna do
Hiding behind flags and gods
While takin’ what they will

Who then
speaks for the dead?

As you laying splayed out
your insides pouring out
and the light is draining out,
who will hear you call
for your mama
one last time?

At the end?
All alone?
In the dark?

The lonely death is the monster’s worst sin.