My Country

When I was a child
I was taught to share
Never to be mean
Or proud
The value of work
Was earning what’s yours
Which made thieves and liars so low
Never harm anyone
Unless they’re trying to harm you
And always look both ways
For the unexpected

My father taught me this and more
Never uttering a word
He did what he did
And those he knew
called him good
He showed me Spaghetti Westerns
And Star Wars
Where the heroes
Towed the line
And so I learned
How a man should

Now I am not so young
My father has gone
And all the old men in charge
Seem to have learned
different lessons than me
They take
They lie
They boast
They whine
They plunge headlong into adversity
for the consequences
For those
Who aren’t they
greedy and stupid
Wagging their fingers
at you and me
Cuz we won’t support
In the name of

They gather together
In the halls of power
Having nothing to make
No one to care for
Science deniers
Smarter than professors
imagining their answers
Le Seizes Faire economists
Finding hygiene a burdened
Strict Constitutionalist
Taking slavers for freedom literally
Pro-life, gun advocates
Insisting you look a man in the eye
When you kill him
And straight up haters
from past centuries
Seeing opportunity
In the spread of stupidity
Lets not forget all the perverts
Who preach morality
with their dicks out
Because the world is theirs
For the fucking

How is this my society
How can this be the same generation
As the man who raised me
How can these be the descendants
Of those who fought fascism
How did those that ended Jim Crow
Grow up into this
sadomasochistic mob

I am unhappy
With my country
Because my leaders
And I have no idea if we’ll survive them

In the quiet of the
Middle night
When I lie awake
by my leaders’ latest
I imagine a hero
To vanquish the villains with power
Offering neither hope nor prayers
Just a Passionate voice
Reminding us all
We are more Than
any accountant’s tabulation
Without us there is no nation
And the first revolution begins
That doesn’t end
Merely by changing
The names on the doors
No more ruling classes
No more special access
A collection of sovereigns
Choosing when
to work together
First we must
Eliminate the corrupt structure
Level the ground
And build anew
A nation conceived in liberty and justice for all.

Keepin’ On

I keep on
Keeping on
But I always end up
Where I began
So what good does it do me
To stick to a plan
That never helps me
The things I’m hating on

Go ahead
Lecture me on practical
Lecture me on realistic
Tell me more bout aiming low
as a sensible solution
To problems towering
Why not tell me last time
Practical promises were delivered upon
While we’re keeping it realistic

Absent vision
Future’s just a calendar
If all you got for me
Is dollars, bullets and locks
You misjudged your audience
I don’t need a bribe
And I ain’t terrified
What I want is something
to believe in
to build

Why could my father walk on the moon
but we can’t get lead out of the water
Why do doctor’s have no borders
‘Cept those of my Health Care Plan
If have to pay farmers not to grow
to keep food cheap
how are people hungry
why are there empty buildings
while people lay in the streets
Everyone may not deserve the same
But why should some go without
while others got gold plated toilet seats

our leaders scream
bout enemies abroad
but no enemy
compares to the
damage we do
to our own side
As our own leaders
work to undermine
can I get a hope up in here
can I a vision of what is to be
instead of constantly hearing
gossip bout your adversary
How bout just an equal share of the shit we build
Is that not practical
Am i a dreamer
for thinking
that progress meant
all of us
working for
all of us

I dont want a revolution
I just want a solution
To the age old problems
Of hate, greed and corruption
With the elementary plan
Of sharing what ya brung
And everybody brings something
it works for playgrounds and potlucks
but not our politics
spaghetti western villains
In a Mexican standoff
Fighting to be
all alone

This ain’t nothin new
Not the problem
Not the complaint
Not the solution
Nor those with power
Refusing to do
Because they prosper
Off inequity
So we just keep on
Keeping on
Till we can’t take no more
Burn it all down
And the cycle starts anew

Pigs in mens’s clothing


Why is Your Dick Out

why is your dick out
why is your hand on her
why is your tongue there
why would you say that
why is your dick out


I do not understand

I am not surprised that this exists
but I am surprised by the prevalence
and technique
or lack thereof

who asks their employees for a massage
who masturbates into a plant
what is wrong with your amygdala
have you no impulse control
or is our culture simply bereft of
shame or honor

why is your dick out?

the people you work with
are there to get paid
not laid
why is your dick out

the woman who loves you
does not want to watch you jerk off
no one else does either
unless you are a porn star
that is unprofessional





I’m Just Sayin’

Let the revolution begin

The stupid people
Have elected their stupid hero
To do all the stupid things
That will satisfy their stupid egos

Last two times the idiots rose up
They burned the libraries
Of Alexandretta and Europe
Just to prove that stupid was victorious
Now the information age is gonna crash
Due to the ignoramus virus
Let the revolution begin
Before its too late

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Deplorable State

I am a straight white man
in ‘Murica
oppressed and disenfranchised
robbed of my birthright
my manifest destiny
has been stolen by
lesbians and Mexicans
and academics
with their scams
’bout the environment

My people used to rule
not like
“metallica rules dude”
we actually ruled
voting rights
property rights
the best jobs
all ours
and ours alone

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The Libertarian Confederation of America, Chp. 1

Prologue: A House Divided

Render unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser’s, and unto God that which is God’s.
– Matthew 22:21

In the year 2024, upon the election of California Senator Juanita Rosario of the Green Party to the office of President of the United States, old political divides came to a head. The largely agrarian states in the southern and central region, that held to an individualist philosophy, felt they could no longer support the planned society philosophy of the industrial and academic regions to the north, and west. Under the leadership of Governor Archibald Humphrey of the Republic of Texas, these states declared themselves in secession and formed The Libertarian Confederation of America.

President Rosario had a different perspective on Lincoln’s famous quote, “A house divided can not stand.” She decided it was best to allow a negotiated, peaceful separation rather than fighting a second civil war to force unwilling citizenship. Borders were negotiated, bureaucracies generated, treaties signed, and a new nation was born. Citizens were given a year to move to their preferred society. A great migration, in both directions, took place as people made hasty decisions based on fear and/or hope of great changes that would come in the new societies of unchallenged ideologues.

With the removal of anti-federalist agenda from national politics, the United States pursued a far more liberal, progressive policy. The military was reduced to a defensive posture, insurance and education became universal programs, welfare became a permanent WPA type program and heavy regulations were introduced on economic and energy related industries. In a few short years, similarly governed regions of Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, chose to join the remade republic. While a few of the more laissez faire, bank haven, island nations, chose to seek membership in the new, like-minded confederation. The nations of the European Union, fearing lack of influence in the new landscape, voted to approve a constitution for the EU, formalizing the economic alliance as a nation with a central senate elected by state governments.

At the end of Transition Year, the Confederation, under now President Humphrey, shut its borders and declared a 5 year isolationist foreign policy to develop domestically. With that period coming to an end, the first creaky bureaucratic doors have begun to open. Interest is high not only in the corporate world, but also among the US government’s defense establishment, the media and the public at large. Everyone wants to know what the Prodigal Child has been doing.

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