Shadow Man

there is this thing
this thing we think we see
but never really believe
I can not tell you it isn’t so
cuz I know

every time you turn a corner
and think you see
a shadow not your own
that’s not a trick of the eye
that’s the darkest demon ya ever dreamed
come out to play
to take you away
to the end of all things

the barely seen one
the whispy one
the hidden one
the one you’ve always been afraid of
when all alone
in the dark o’night
for very good reason
in your very own shadow

hiding behind you
walking with you
sucking your soul
turning you grey wrinkled and withered
till aint nothing
but a husk

day after day
It takes a little bit more
every time
your mind wanders
It feeds
on your life force

some times more
others less
but always the Shadow Man
is there
out of sight
out of mind
consuming your soul

sucking up
every last
ethereal ounce
till your body corpsifies
decays into dust
and floats away
to be forgotten about
like all the rest
since time began

Shadow Man
he takes your soul
that he sucked away
savoring it for this final day
when your form is finally done being decayed
then feasts upon it
like a gourmet
decadently enjoying each
metaphysical morsel
till the plate is clean
every last spiritual crumb consumed
by the phantom beast

and that, then
is the end
of you