Day: May 22, 2020

Aint a HandleAint a Handle

“Now I told you already how hairy he was, and he had that big scraggly beard, well this was just scratching the hell out of my nipples. So I squealed, just a little. He musta thought that was encouragement, cause next thing I know, he’s biting my tit. Can you


Sheriff Brown and Dr. Allen sat on the banks of Claire Creek fishing. Well, not so much fishing as drinking, while their poles rested on a pair of rocks at their feet, lines dangling in the water. Sheriff Brown dropped his empty can of Guinness back into the cooler and


They rode in silence for a few minutes, the geriatric car slowly climbing the dark mountain road. Headlights illuminating ochre rock spires to their right. In the distance to their left could be seen the lights emanating from Claire Creek; traffic lights blinking, kitchen lights winking on for late night

The ShepherdThe Shepherd

In the middle of the night The slow scratch Of my long slender claws At the entrance To your home Sets the soul to shiver the body to quake Forgotten when you awake Almost But I have not gone away I never go away

Shadow ManShadow Man

every time you turn a corner and think you see a shadow not your own that's not a trick of the eye that's the darkest demon ya ever dreamed come out to play to take you away to the end of all things

Gods KnowGods Know

The God of Fate and the God of Free Will Found themselves in a bar Will said, “Let’s get drunk tonight.” Fate replied, “We already are.”


Undressed of flesh naked and refreshed Slip into something more comfortable like a cloud based species maybe ants or bumble bees and dance to the melodies of sunlight on the window pane