Mass Mugging

Your money or your life
Your meds or your rent
Will you get your procedure
Or will buy your child sneakers
What trade will you make
To survive
In the greatest nation on earth.

Sure we could afford to care for every single soul
But why
When we can bleed ‘em dry
It’s your money or your life.

Up on the mic
They stand
Proudly declaring
“Rather poor bitches die
then have to wait one extra minute
to get what’s mine!”
Look at that dandy
all pressed and fancy
Talking bottom lines
And wait lines
While thrift store mother fuckers are laying in lines
stinking and decaying away
Their mothers and fathers
on bent knee, weeping
Souls broken
Because their lives
were not worth
A rich man’s dime
Or their so-called leaders’ time.

Your money or your life
Is the name of the game
Tried to change it
Laid out the advantages
Flanking the enemy 
with facts, stats, and comparative analysis
That shit rolled off their brain
Like nylon in the rain
just looked their own right in the eye, laughed, 
and said “Fuck your choices, son.
Your money or your life.”

Its a mugging
A mass mugging
370 million
Lined up and taken
Not once, not twice, but three times over
On the same maneuver
Then circle back
hand out
and claim there’s a remainder
These ballsy, dandy, bougie, motherfuckers.

And people keep agreeing
To the argument
That organized theft
is the most logical solution
Rather pay more for themselves
Than pay anything for another
What’s in it for me
Should be the national motto.

And because neighbors,
fellow citizens
don’t give a shit
as long as they got their shit
the mugging continues
Its your money or your life
in America
The greatest nation on earth.