Epic, Chp 1

Running through the trees panic breathing eyes simultaneously seeking paths before predator behind wanting hunting closer all the time

Heroes of Peace

image by Cyrus Baldridge

Kill conquer burn despoil destruction is easy just pick up a stick and wreck things a bit the flesh is weak it’ll bleed real easy you want to be hero pick a god sow a flag murder some foreigners

Lunch Break

image by Ryan Autor

mid after noon shower pounds on the nape of the neck soapy calloused hands across smooth flesh gentle fingers caress the long hard a groan escapes



Smell the ashes Feel the heat Talking heads scratch their scalps Wondering Why do they burn The places they sleep and eat Whose side are you on boys The money Or the free

A Plan for US

A Plan for US

A Call for a 2nd Constitutional Convention As long as our politicians fails to lead, we must be the source of solutions. Article V of the US Constitution provides the perfect tool for populist reform. We can hold a digital…

Queen of Dimension M?

NASA image via wikimedia

Plato Plato argued that the physical universe was in fact merely an imperfect reflection of a non-physical universe of ideas where our eternal identity resides before and after our life in the physical universe. (1) That the senses, of this…

A War on US

Progressive Gains For Progressives, the greatest achievements of the 20th century were the New Deal, the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act. Republicans have spent most of their time since working to undo them. They attack our economic…

Libertaria Chp 2

Opening Night The thermostat read 90º, which would be fine if not for the 80% humidity making it feel like they were standing in an open air sauna, fully dressed, surrounded by fat people. The fact that it was 7pm…