The Others

Written By: JD Adler - Nov• 09•17

sitting before you
naked and crying
a baby alone in a crowd
its fat little fingers
on short chubby arms
begging strangers for love
it weeps and shouts
it cries and it screams,
but its pleas go unnoticed
as the herd rushes round the yard

you run for the infant
heart pounding faster and faster
you come closer and closer
desperate to save the helpless waif
as your hand reaches for hers
the child grows silent
her vibrant young eyes
puffy with pain
look into yours
and all the secret sorrows
long locked way
in the darkest of places
are reflected in the teary pools
of this naked little babe
abandoned and neglected
amidst the callous and bustling world

your heart nearly breaks
like it hasn’t since youth
when the memory of first loss returns
flooding your soul
purest of pains
the anguish of
losing your faith

retracting your hand
you withdraw from the child
better off where it be
only a fool believes
there is safety
to be found
in others

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