David Eddings: The Belgariad

The Belgariad is a 5 book series by David Eddings (1931-2009), which would be followed by the Malloreon Series, and 3 prequels co-authored with his wife Leigh. As stories within the fantasy genre there are certain plot and character staples one can expect: there is a dark lord trying to rule universe, and our hero […]

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Project Mars

The President of Earth announces that volunteers are needed to settle Mars with the assistance of  aliens who have recently made first contact with us, and every idiot and his brother decides they are the Lewis and Clark of space. Project Mars, Earth 2025

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Chapter 2: Nathan

Officially, you had to be 18 to work. But that was a privilege which belonged to the upper castes. For the children of workers, making money began when you could count. For Nathan, it had always been the hustle. He was a smart kid, quick witted. He never missed an opportunity when it presented itself, and that made him successful on the street. Some days he brought home more money than his father. Not that that what was saying a lot. Even in a lucky family such as Nathan’s, where both parents had decent jobs, there was barely enough income to maintain the small 3 room shack they lived in. Not that he had spent much time there in the last 2 years, anyway

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