Volunteers Needed

Written By: JD Adler - Mar• 16•11

Jan. 28, 2025
Text of Public Statement
The United Federation of Nations
Office of the President
President Avram
Volunteers Needed

Citizens of Earth, I come to you today to speak on an issue of tremendous importance to us all. It is with great deliberation and contemplation that the decision to bring this information to you today was made. For many years, decades in fact, we have known this information within the halls of government the world over. Not having a complete set of facts or an understanding of their import, we chose to withhold the information from the public. We feared a worst case scenario of public panic and anarchy weighed against a best case scenario of providing no real benefit. So we erred on the side of caution.

In recent years, however, the context of the situation has changed. The situation I am referring to is space travel and known life in the universe. We have known for many decades that there was microbial life elsewhere. Among the scientific community that was hardly a secret. What few know is that an alien ship crashed here many years ago, or that we have been in regular contact in the last decade with the civilization from whence it hailed.

Before people begin making wild speculation or formulating conspiracy theories; this is not the ship repudiated to be at Area 51, nor is this related to any other ‘alien sighting’ you have ever heard. This ship crashed in 1962 in the Antarctic during a meteor shower. The pilot was dead from its injuries. There have been no other accidental contacts since then. Attempting to reverse engineer the technology allowed for significant advances in the 3rd industrial revolution already beginning in the late 20th century. It also allowed for the technological improvements in the ongoing space program that allowed us to build a manned station on Mars in 2012.

We never informed the public of the space station because it was a risky, international effort that could fail miserably or succeed and instigate numerous political and economic territory disputes. We decided to begin with a purely scientific atmosphere. It quickly became more complicated.

As a result of our successfully establishing interplanetary civilization, as rudimentary as it was, we qualified to be contacted by an alien civilization called “Kent-au-ran”, because they come from Alpha Kentaurus. I will speak more on them later. For now, suffice to say they are an intelligent, technologically advanced race, who are interested in peaceful trade of goods and ideas with us. We have been dealing with the Kentaurans peacefully, and on an increasing basis for 11 years now. First intentional contact on June 6, 2014 at Mars station.

There will be more detailed information presented in the coming days from specialists in various fields. The short version is that diplomats met, governments and territories were recognized, treaties were made, and we declared ourselves friends. This process took approximately 6 years.

Since then we have been engaged in two trades. One is a cultural exchange; they open their version of public libraries to us and we open ours to them. The second is business; there is an ore in our asteroid belt that they want and we have no use for. In exchange they will terraform Mars so that it is a habitable planet.

Which brings me to the need for volunteers. We began this project 4 years ago and we will be ready to colonize a Mars with grass and trees and rivers and breathable air within 4 months. Who among you feels your heart race at such a prospect? We will settle in waves. The first wave, being scientists, was sent to investigate the setting a year ago, they have declared the planet Mars safe for human life. The second wave will contain medical teams and construction crews and farmers. The following waves will contain all willing to go. The only limits will be on ship capacity, first come first serve.

It will be difficult. It will be wilderness without the safe haven of civilization until you have built it. You will be volunteering for a challenge you cannot quit, and which very well may kill you. Success will mean building the first human civilization on another planet. We will begin taking volunteers next week. I suggest those of you who are interested, listen closely to the detailed statements about the Mars Project which will be coming out over the next few days.

Thank you,
Barton Avram
President of the United Federation of Nations

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