My Country

When I was a child
I was taught to share
Never to be mean
Or proud
The value of work
Was earning what’s yours
Which made thieves and liars so low
Never harm anyone
Unless they’re trying to harm you
And always look both ways
For the unexpected

My father taught me this and more
Never uttering a word
He did what he did
And those he knew
called him good
He showed me Spaghetti Westerns
And Star Wars
Where the heroes
Towed the line
And so I learned
How a man should

Now I am not so young
My father has gone
And all the old men in charge
Seem to have learned
different lessons than me
They take
They lie
They boast
They whine
They plunge headlong into adversity
for the consequences
For those
Who aren’t they
greedy and stupid
Wagging their fingers
at you and me
Cuz we won’t support
In the name of

They gather together
In the halls of power
Having nothing to make
No one to care for
Science deniers
Smarter than professors
imagining their answers
Le Seizes Faire economists
Finding hygiene a burdened
Strict Constitutionalist
Taking slavers for freedom literally
Pro-life, gun advocates
Insisting you look a man in the eye
When you kill him
And straight up haters
from past centuries
Seeing opportunity
In the spread of stupidity
Lets not forget all the perverts
Who preach morality
with their dicks out
Because the world is theirs
For the fucking

How is this my society
How can this be the same generation
As the man who raised me
How can these be the descendants
Of those who fought fascism
How did those that ended Jim Crow
Grow up into this
sadomasochistic mob

I am unhappy
With my country
Because my leaders
And I have no idea if we’ll survive them

In the quiet of the
Middle night
When I lie awake
by my leaders’ latest
I imagine a hero
To vanquish the villains with power
Offering neither hope nor prayers
Just a Passionate voice
Reminding us all
We are more Than
any accountant’s tabulation
Without us there is no nation
And the first revolution begins
That doesn’t end
Merely by changing
The names on the doors
No more ruling classes
No more special access
A collection of sovereigns
Choosing when
to work together
First we must
Eliminate the corrupt structure
Level the ground
And build anew
A nation conceived in liberty and justice for all.

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