Written By: JD Adler - Mar• 15•09

Tears of Epimetheus
Book One: Legacy

by JD Adler

Two Centuries after an environmental apocalypse brought on by the Earth’s climate change in combination with humanity’s unrestrained pollution, civilization, has finally begun to rebuild itself. Utilizing technology left over from before The Change in combination with non-petroleum innovations, scientific guilds and tyrannical governments vie for dominance. Malcolm Cain, CEO of the Corporate Union, seeks to learn the secrets of the Guilds and solidify his control. Brother Jonas of the Franklinite Brotherhood, must find a way to protect those secrets and save 50,000 innocent civilians under the control of the Corporate Union whose lives are in grave danger. The only problem is its the very secret he protects, a legacy of the past, that is creating the danger. Can Malcolm and Jonas cooperate long enough to prevent a tragedy, or will short term personal goals prove more important?



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