Cop Poetry

Written By: JD Adler - Mar• 16•11

Sheriff Brown is the central character of the Claire Creek stories. Although no one character other than the town itself appears in every story, every primary character interacts with the Sheriff at some point during the series. His symbolic role as the executer of the social contract in Claire Creek makes him the symbol of the community’s best and worst binding common characteristics.


    Pictures Out of Clouds

All alone in a dream
A field of grass
A broken down shack
I lie on my back
Making pictures out of clouds
On the canvas of the sky
With the brush of my mind
And always I see
Images of you
With my soul
In your hands
I refuse to stand
For that might break
The illusion
That I’m happy where I am
The wind plays
Soft silly symphonies
In the auditorium of
My cranium
Yet I hear only
The sad lackadaisical refrain
Of your voice
Caressing my brain
The thought
That one must know joy
to comprehend pain
Does not escape me
I remain
Planted on the ground
arms too short
To reach my heart
A blind man
Attempting art
The minds’ eye sees so clearly
That which reality won’t allow

Take a moment

Just breath

Sometimes it’s the simple things.

Pictures out of clouds.

-J. Brown


        In a native land
        Foreign tongues
        Gossip of god

        “He’ll be coming any day!
        Ain’t no escape
        From the TRUTH!”

        This is the story
        This is the glory

        “You’re all going to die
        And be judged
        And suffer eternally
        Unless you get down
        on your knees

        and beg

        for love
        and mercy!”

        Who ya kiddin jack?
        Ain’t no diety on the attack
        One soul
        One creation
        One more piece of bacon,
        Don’t give me choices
        And then ask me not to make them
        Don’t give me freedom
        And then ask for servitude
        Cuz’ that’s just plain rude
        Thanks for the morning
        Thanks for the evening
        Thanks for the 5 senses and the stimulation
        I’ll see you when it’s over
        No promises on my behavior
        After all
        I’m just a man
        With a portion of the soul
        Of the creator
        in a stimuli receptor

        -J. Brown

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