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‘Murica needs Sanders Vs Trump

Our media loves a good celebrity reality show, but this election cycle is about a choice between governing philosophies more than any other in recent history. People’s faith in their government is nearly non-existent. Nothing gets accomplished, it is clear our leaders are corrupted by money, and when they do accomplish something it is often […]

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Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio

[Excerpt from “$wing $tate, Money and Politics in Ohio 2012” available here] Ohio 10/11/2012 Today I had the opportunity to speak with US Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio for a few minutes about politics, the national debt, entitlements, green energy, and jobs as relates to Ohio.   Balanced Budget The Senator has been a long […]

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A Plan for US

A Plan for US by JD Adler and C Schmitt A call for an Article 5 Constitutional Convention so that the people can impose reform on the government. Bookstore Table of Contents Washington’s Farewell Address    4 I. The Case for a Third Continental Congress    13 II. Amendments    14 Political Accountability    15 Campaign Finance Reform    17 […]

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