Written By: JD Adler - Jan• 14•17

Call me Ishmael
call me Mohammed
Call me the son
of the wind
And the sand
I am the boogeyman
Used to scare your children
Since the dark ages
I’ve been the dark one
Looming around the corner
And now I am your neighbor

Call me rebel
Call me cowboy
Call me salt of the earth
my forefathers bled for
I roam the fringes
Shadow of a predator
What y’all call civilization
I call Domestication
Try and break me
Come on now

My home
Is a target zone
Sitting in AC you bomb
My family
You call Kill Lists due process
And errors
The cost of doing business
I saw my little sister’s bones
Outside her body
But we be terrorists
My god calls it justice
Allah Akbar

McMansion fill the fields
Where I was raised
My job is overseas
And my neighbor looks like the guys
Who keep blowing up everything
And everywhere you go
Who we are is wrong
What we believe is wrong
And its all our fault
For having it backwards
All along
Taking away all we knew
While calling us oppressors
For standing up
My god calls it justice
Praise Jesus

No more
No more will you kill my people
Destroy my nation
Burn our culture
Not while I do nothing
Better to die with honor
Than live in shame
I will take this
And I will take my life
And I will take your lives too
I will have my revenge
I will have my paradise
I will escape

No more
No more elitist tyranny
Destroying our country
Polluting our people
Not while I do nothing
Better to die free
Than live a slave
I will take this
And take my life
And take ya’lls live too
I will have freedom
I will have justice
I will escape

and so
The enemy of my enemy
becomes my enemy too
Killing each other
Because peace is surrender
And the blood feuds continue
Ad infinitum
Never endeth the lesson

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