Volunteers Needed

Written By: JD Adler - Mar• 16•11

Jan. 28, 2025
Text of Public Statement
The United Federation of Nations
Office of the President
President Avram
Volunteers Needed

Citizens of Earth, I come to you today to speak on an issue of tremendous importance to us all. It is with great deliberation and contemplation that the decision to bring this information to you today was made. For many years, decades in fact, we have known this information within the halls of government the world over. Not having a complete set of facts or an understanding of their import, we chose to withhold the information from the public. We feared a worst case scenario of public panic and anarchy weighed against a best case scenario of providing no real benefit. So we erred on the side of caution.

In recent years, however, the context of the situation has changed. The situation I am referring to is space travel and known life in the universe. We have known for many decades that there was microbial life elsewhere. Among the scientific community that was hardly a secret. What few know is that an alien ship crashed here many years ago, or that we have been in regular contact in the last decade with the civilization from whence it hailed.



Written By: JD Adler - Mar• 16•11

Gerald Montgomery

The Montgomery Report

The theater seats sit empty and dark. Backstage, hands move about checking and double checking lights and camera angles, network feeds and uplinks, and secondary back ups. Amidst the chaos, the calm figure of Gerald Montgomery is perched upon a backless metal stool while a woman named Donna finishes his makeup and his agent and his producer each talk into 1 of his ears. Donna steps back to admire her work and Gerald smiles at her, “So, have you made me beautiful?”


Project Mars

Written By: JD Adler - Nov• 02•09

The President of Earth announces that volunteers are needed to settle Mars with the assistance of  aliens who have recently made first contact with us, and every idiot and his brother decides they are the Lewis and Clark of space.

Project Mars, Earth 2025



Written By: JD Adler - Mar• 15•09

Tears of Epimetheus
Book One: Legacy

by JD Adler

Two Centuries after an environmental apocalypse brought on by the Earth’s climate change in combination with humanity’s unrestrained pollution, civilization, has finally begun to rebuild itself. Utilizing technology left over from before The Change in combination with non-petroleum innovations, scientific guilds and tyrannical governments vie for dominance. Malcolm Cain, CEO of the Corporate Union, seeks to learn the secrets of the Guilds and solidify his control. Brother Jonas of the Franklinite Brotherhood, must find a way to protect those secrets and save 50,000 innocent civilians under the control of the Corporate Union whose lives are in grave danger. The only problem is its the very secret he protects, a legacy of the past, that is creating the danger. Can Malcolm and Jonas cooperate long enough to prevent a tragedy, or will short term personal goals prove more important?