Metaphysics of Hate

Written By: JD Adler - Jan• 14•17

In between here and there
Between the before and after
In the land
Of never
Reside the souls of those
waiting to be born

They have no idea what is coming
These people in waiting
No CNN metaphysical to forewarn
Else none may ever come
And zombies would walk the land
Like lawyers and real estate agents
And those who call in to talk radio

They float massless
With the neutrons and fermions
Just waiting for a body to inhabit
No clue how fragile it will be
Or how dark and dirty is our society
Else they may remain
Forever in formless freedom from sorrow

Or maybe they do know

Maybe they are observing as they float
Ethereal minds of the 8th dimension
plotting their physical crimes
A nefarious nebula of Sinister souls
Not-twirling their not-mustachios
Thinking about all
they can Collect conquer and pollute
Once embodied

Maybe we’ve all been invaded
By assholes from beyond
And that’s why we can’t seem to get along
Or maybe its just half of us
The ones who dont seem to grasp
Who dont seem to comprehend
Who dont seem to recognize
Reality is a fact based dimension

We need to make this dimension great again
We need to build a P-brain wall
To keep out the idiots from beyond

Or maybe the reverse is true
There aren’t enough metaphysical me’s
For every body
And the soulless are just animals
Crashing through the jungle
Terrified by the idea
others perceive something larger
And so they cry “lie!”
And try to burn it all down

they say no one is born mean
So what is the origin
When, along the way
Do we learn to behave this way
Is it an electro chemical reaction
Too much sugar
Not enough hugs
Are our souls lonely
Confused by the sudden borders of flesh
Thus the fear of all the others
Who can’t be sensed

Is there a land of souls
Beyond our perception
Where idiots and intellects
Argue whether matter is a fact
And some souls
Try to banish others
For having the wrong shimmer

Is it native to our nature
This stupidity compass we follow
Or is a course correction still possible

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