I’m Just Sayin’

Written By: JD Adler - Mar• 07•17

Let the revolution begin

The stupid people
Have elected their stupid hero
To do all the stupid things
That will satisfy their stupid egos

Last two times the idiots rose up
They burned the libraries
Of Alexandretta and Europe
Just to prove that stupid was victorious
Now the information age is gonna crash
Due to the ignoramus virus
Let the revolution begin
Before its too late

The stupid people
Are on a campaign
To end the con of science
Evolution and environmentalism
silly scams invented by satan
To distract from the glory of the lord
The apparently racist misogynist paranoid
lord of all creation
Who wants us to poison ourselves
By burning the fossilized remains
Of creatures who existed long before
Adam’s rib became his wife
But don’t ask how that can be
Cuz thinking bout stuff
makes you the enemy

This is not a video game
There are no reset points
Today IS tomorrow
Shortsighted capitalists
who cant see passed their laces
Will kill our whole species
Chasing after the shiny
While they befoul the earth
Let the Revolution begin

We can not allow stupidity
To be the compass
Of our society
Schools should be palaces
The sun our battery
Instead we wallow
behind the followers
of last century
While our leaders pander
To the lowest common denominator
Let the revolution begin
with a vision

Wealth is not its own reward
Nor does conquest equal greatness
This is not a game with a scoreboard
When what we want is not what we get
Over and over again
We can surrender
Or stand up

How important are your dreams

Let the Revolution begin
with a vision
of how things could be
and then build that shit
instead of hiding behind fear and hate
and memories of past glories
like some old coward
hollering at kids these days

Let the revolution begin
with a brilliant vision
light by intellectualism

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