Heroes of Peace

Written By: JD Adler - Apr• 30•15

Kill conquer burn despoil

destruction is easy

just pick up a stick

and wreck things a bit

the flesh is weak

it’ll bleed real easy

you want to be hero

pick a god

sow a flag

murder some foreigners

image by Cyrus Baldridge

image by Cyrus Baldridge

steal their land

and write a history book

better yet

call yourself emperor or king or president

then get some poor people

to send their kids

to do it for you

Why get your own hands dirty

when you can be a leader

a general

a great hero of history


what are we doing?


What if the greats of history were not the destroyers

but the creators


Pythagoras with his triangles

JFK, Robert Frost, 1962 Nobel Prize winners at White House

JFK, Robert Frost, 1962 Nobel Prize winners at White House

and Plato with his philosophies

Da Vinci and Galileo

Salk and Kepler

Even some Asimov and Ginsberg messing with your mind

or Mozart and Zeppelin for the left brain kind

and there’s the Ghandi’s, the Parks, Lemkin, Sheehan and Schweitzer


on and on through the ages

those who were decried and demonized

for daring to defy

the idea that there was something heroic

about death and destruction

instead choosing peace and production

as their path in their short time


perhaps, just perhaps, we should fill our history

with their names,

and mark time by their achievements

instead of the wars and conquerers

whose cycles of mass murders

currently clock our text books.


what then would our world look like

if we taught our children

that the greats of history

were heroes of peace.

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