Written By: JD Adler - Jun• 19•19

Nothing is there
It’s not open to interpretation
The vacuum in your heart
It is real
That last, best hope is

You are all alone.

Lost in the orchard
of despair
The swirling madness has
Stopped swirling
to focus entirely
on you…

As everything slips away
Into the deep dark of never was
Anchor chain
Wrapped round your soul
Drags you
Deeper Deeper Deeper
Pressure building
On your heart and shoulders
Your mind spins
Round it’s cage
And the weight
Grows greater

You slowly implode
a singularity of self
from which no light can escape
Just a hole
at the bottom
of a well
Draining into a hell
long since abandoned
Except for you
And the echoes of silence
The space inside you generates
Whenever you dare to imagine
There might be 
Reminding you that
Nothing makes nothing.

And the weight grows
and greater
and greater

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