Deplorable State

Written By: JD Adler - Nov• 07•16

I am a straight white man
in ‘Murica
oppressed and disenfranchised
robbed of my birthright
my manifest destiny
has been stolen by
lesbians and Mexicans
and academics
with their scams
’bout the environment

My people used to rule
not like
“metallica rules dude”
we actually ruled
voting rights
property rights
the best jobs
all ours
and ours alone

women were our objects
blacks were property
we even had special bathrooms
where religious white men
could secretly suck each other off
and no one would betray them
cuz that was the code
of the special straight white man only bathroom
back when America was Great

but thats all gone now
stolen away
by the queer commie liberal feminazi black panthers

now women want to make their own choices
and black people want justice
poor people want a fair share
and the gays
the gays want to walk around
in public
and atheists are passing sharia law
into the constitution

whats happened
to my country?
how can I have
and pride
and opportunity
if others do too?
how can my god
and my race
be right and true
if theirs is too?
we can’t all have equality
and there ain’t nothing free or democratic
’bout forcing me to give up mine
so some immigrant can
waltz across the border
drop an anchor baby
and get free a mcmansion

my ancestors didn’t kill all them injuns
just so a bunch of foreigners could move in
Jesus did not die
so that I could feed
poor people’s children.
survival of the fittest
is what god intended
else why did he give us
such perty guns
and the desire to use them
every time I see a big scary black man
or a woman who talks too much
or a deer that runs too slow
or a politician that says guns are dangerous

Enough I Say
its time to bring back the old ways
Make America Great Again
when everyone knew their place

beneath me

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