Written By: JD Adler - Oct• 06•19

I have nearly died
More times
than I remember
Smashed my skull upon the earth
Till my brain no longer worked
Cracked my bones
Cut my face
Bled from the inside
Till it spilled out all over the place

And every time
I got back to my feet
Knew full well
Another beating waited for me
Cuz there’s nothing the universe hates more
Than someone whose happy

Healthy long enough
to get real sick
Made enough money
To miss having it
Rose to the top
And ejected
Every path up
Leads to a precipice
Life is just an intermission
Joy just a break from the pain

But no weight will hold me down
Till my batteries are drained
And I never stand again
until that day arrives
I’ll charge headlong
Into the fires of my enemies
Take the buckle over the belt
And laugh in their face
Cuz fuck em, that’s why
Ain’t none walking
That can make me falter

I’ve fallen off of mountains
Been buried in the snow
Suffocated, drowned, and tumbled down stairs
I’ve lain alone in the darkness
Pain tearing through my core
Bottle of whiskey
My only support

I’ve slept in the streets
And on the forest floor
I’ve stood above the clouds
And delved caves beneath the sea
I’ve danced with rock stars
And partied with bums
I’ve debated leaders of nations
And in my hands
I have held the brains
of those who could not take another day

Life is not what you make of it
Suffering doesn’t make you stronger
Life is a sadist
Giving you just enough pleasure
To make the pain that much tougher
Hold on as long as you are able
Every story ends the same
Return from whence you came
And the dust takes all memory

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