A Plan for US

Written By: JD Adler - Oct• 02•11

A Plan for US

by JD Adler and C Schmitt

A call for an Article 5 Constitutional Convention so that the people can impose reform on the government.


Table of Contents
Washington’s Farewell Address    4
I. The Case for a Third Continental Congress    13
II. Amendments    14

  1. Political Accountability    15
  2. Campaign Finance Reform    17
  3. Direct Voice    18
  4. Citizen Directed Budget    20
  5. Simple Tax    22
  6. Balanced Budget    28
  7. Regulation    29
  8. Privacy    30

III. Legislation    31

  1. End Empire    31
  2. I. Mobile, Defensive Military    32
  3. II. End Drug War    33
  4. Border Reform    36
  5. Energy Plan    37
  6. Currency Reform    38
  7. Sound, Dynamic Money    38
  8. Education Reform    41
  9. Health Insurance Reform:    44

IV. Conclusion:    46
V. Appendix A    48
VI. References    56
Citations    56
Charts and Graphs    57


From  the  Conclusion:

Our politicians have failed as leaders. If there are to be solutions to our problems, we will have to provide them ourselves.  Article 5 of the US Constitution provides the tools for holding a Convention to Amend the Constitution. Such a convention would be the perfect forum for populist reform. For us all to put forward our ideas, find the common ground, and develop solutions.

The Convention could be organized as a blending of electronic  town hall and representative democracy. Topics and amendment drafts to be chosen by a six month, online, democratic proposal and selection process involving the entire population. Representatives elected in each congressional district (e.g. 3 per district), would be sent to a Convention to determine a final bill of amendments to submit to the states for ratification.

As varied as our opinions and theories are, we share common goals for our country and ourselves; freedom and stability, health and prosperity. It is reasonable to believe that we can reconcile the various political strategies, to develop a common plan, and execute it effectively.

When readers considers this idea, we ask that they also consider what they future may hold if we change nothing.

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